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Welcome to my world

plane sunsetThere’s something magical about twilight in the air: ribbons of color decorating a world of possibility. No matter the time of year, each trip is a gift just waiting to be unwrapped. There’s always that anticipation: Where will this adventure take me? How will it make me grow?

So many places on my travel map still have to be colored in, but I’m up to 49 countries. Where do you want to go first? Just click on the top navigation bar for links to many of the places I’ve been in each region. You’ll be able to find out details of itineraries, see plenty of photos, and click on links to hotels, restaurants, attractions, and sites that helped to plan the journeys. Maybe something will inspire you to take a trip of your own and embrace another country or culture.

To contact me, follow the e-mail link above. Happy travels!