Wisteria Lane

After eight seasons on ABC, “Desperate Housewives” ended its run with a two-hour series finale May 13, 2012. Here’s a guide to one of the most-recognizable streets in TV history. It’s actually on the lot at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

4349 Wisteria LaneThe Solis residence

4349 Wisteria Lane

Gabrielle and Carlos Solis lived here with their daughters, Juanita and Celia. The house has since been painted a different color.

4351 Wisteria LaneThe Hunter-McDermott residence

4351 Wisteria Lane

Gay couple Bob Hunter and Lee McDermott moved in after Betty Applewhite abandoned her basement dungeon at the end of Season 2. This house used to be 1313 Mockingbird Lane, home of the Munsters.

4353 Wisteria LaneThe Mayer residence

4353 Wisteria Lane

Susan Mayer lived here for most of the series, first with her daughter, Julie, and then with Mike Delfino after they were married. Their son, M.J., also had a room. When the Delfinos downsized because of financial troubles, Paul Young rented the place for a year. Mike was shot and killed on the doorstep during the final season.

4355 Wisteria LaneThe Scavo residence

4355 Wisteria Lane

Lynette and Tom Scavo stayed here with their brood. Tom moved out for a while when the marriage hit a rough patch.

4347 Wisteria LaneThe Greenberg residence

4347 Wisteria Lane

This was boozy Ida Greenberg’s home. She died protecting the Scavos when a tornado tore into the lane.

4362 Wisteria LaneThe Britt/Perry residence

4362 Wisteria Lane

Edie Britt rebuilt on this land after Susan torched her first house. When Edie was electrocuted by a power line after a car crash just down the street, it freed up the house for Renee Perry.

4352 Wisteria LaneThe Young residence

4352 Wisteria Lane

Every story needs its voice. On Wisteria Lane, no one would know about the desperate housewives who called it home if it weren’t for what happened here after Mary Alice Young went to her mailbox and found an unsigned letter with a few simple sentences: “I know what you did. You make me sick. I’m going to tell.” After that, she shot herself, kicking off the show’s first mystery.

4350 Wisteria LaneThe Huber residence

4350 Wisteria Lane

Martha Huber didn’t live here long — Mary Alice’s husband killed her with a blender in Season 1.

4354 Wisteria LaneThe Van De Kamp residence

4354 Wisteria Lane

Bree Van de Kamp lived here with her husband Rex and their two children, Andrew and Danielle, until Rex was murdered. Later, Orson Hodge married her and moved in. That did not last either.

4356 Wisteria LaneThe Delfino/Mayfair residence

4356 Wisteria Lane

This was Mike Delfino’s first home on the lane. Then Catherine Mayfair, its former resident, returned. In the final season, developer Ben Faulkner moved in. He married Renee Perry in the series finale.

4358 Wisteria LaneThe McCluskey residence

4358 Wisteria Lane

Busybody Karen McCluskey lived here and eventually became a good friend to the ladies on the lane. Roy Bender moved in as well, and they ultimately married. Mrs. McCluskey died in the series finale. The Emmy-winning actress who portrayed her, Kathryn Joosten, died of cancer a few weeks later.

Wisteria Lane parkThe park

The spot where Bree’s second husband, Orson, was paralyzed, and Susan’s first husband, Karl, was killed, when a plane crashed during a Christmas party. This was the scene of several outdoor parties on the lane.

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